When my husband and I traveled West this past summer, we began to see flat bed rigs hauling long narrow wings – so they appeared. They were too narrow to be for large planes, but we thought they might have been for gliders.

Then we saw a field of windmills and knew instantly that we had been passing trucks carrying one arm of these giant power producing towers.

I thought they were beautiful and romantic. Of course, the sun was setting and they turned elegantly to their own rhythm.

But, they produce no pollution, and simply harness the capacity of nature to turn the wind into power. I wrote down the names of companies who make these giants and haven’t ceased to ponder the possibility of putting one up in Virginia. Our property there has a lot of wind on the hill where our cabin is perched.

While we look for green solutions to protect our planet, I think we should definitely keep the windmills in mind. And I think they are beautiful too.

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