W is for Windmill

When my husband and I traveled West this past summer, we began to see flat bed rigs hauling long narrow wings – so they appeared. They were too narrow to be for large planes, but we thought they might have been for gliders.

Then we saw a field of windmills and knew instantly that we had been passing trucks carrying one arm of these giant power producing towers.

I thought they were beautiful and romantic. Of course, the sun was setting and they turned elegantly to their own rhythm.

But, they produce no pollution, and simply harness the capacity of nature to turn the wind into power. I wrote down the names of companies who make these giants and haven’t ceased to ponder the possibility of putting one up in Virginia. Our property there has a lot of wind on the hill where our cabin is perched.

While we look for green solutions to protect our planet, I think we should definitely keep the windmills in mind. And I think they are beautiful too.

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  1. Yes, they are beautiful – especially in the sunset! There were plans to put some near us – I think up in Surry, VA, but they would have been across the James river from Jamestown/Williamsburg, and there was concern about how “ugly” they would look from that area. So I think that plan was scrapped.
    We’ve seen them in our travels – wonderful way to harness all that natural energy.

  2. I see those flatbed trucks constantly going north on I-45, probably originating from the Port of Houston. Flying from Houston to CA, one can see many of them from the plane across TX, NM, AZ and CA. What a perfect W post!

  3. It’s one of those best alternatives of renewable energy. Unfortunately, Nepal is having unimaginative long hours of loadshedding. Sometimes even 16 or 18 hours of loadshedding. Thank god, for now, its just 12 hours in maximum sometimes.

  4. When we went to Wyoming a while back we saw a ton of these also. It’s amazing how nature itself can turn to energy, used properly.

  5. WIndmills: an old idea emerging to have a place in a modern world: new modifications desperately needed! More research! Creative minds please apply!
    People who have been dealing with the windmills know there are issues. Scientists / conservationists are concerned with the numerous raptor/eagle injuries and deaths caused by wind farms(the birds apparently are swooping and focusing on prey on the ground and forget about the slicing blades) and bats are being killed in large numbers(a real problem for agriculture). The newer turbines are doing a better job in this respect – but it is still a problem needing a solution. (California groups and some on the Eastern seaboard are really watching wind farms and their unexpected effects.)
    Windmills are fine if they aren’t in your backyard. They are a visual plight and do set up a harmonic hum and vibration. No one likes living near them. (There’s already been one battle over them in VA…and another battle over one near the Kennedy compound on the coast)
    Texas has some of the largest wind farms in the country. (But there isn’t wind all year round – even in West Texas)
    FYI: GE is making ton of (taxpayer’s) money on selling windmills. Boone Pickens, early “big business” promoter got out of the windmill arena saying without federal money there was no profit to make with windmills – they were inefficient.” Europe is seeing windmills, as they exist now, are not the big solution people had hoped for.
    Windpower and solar power need to continue to evolved. It must.
    There is great promise for the future. Hopefully there is a recycling plan for removing and updating these current ( and older) windmills so they don’t end up being abandoned deteriorating messes stuck everywhere.
    So yes, YEA for alternative solutions with a wary eye. It’s a new world bring built, let’s take care of it as we progress. Beauty with a bite. (More research! More inventive solutions!)

  6. I love seeing windmills. They are beautiful. Maybe there are drawbacks, but there are drawbacks to every energy source. At least this one is pleasing to the eye.

  7. Hi,
    A very nice picture, and well done for the “W”. As time goes on and technology advances I’m sure there will be even better forms of energy emerging. 🙂

  8. I like the look, and think we need to do this, but I read that research for locations needs to be done in regard to danger to migrating birds.

  9. I find wind farms to be haunting….especially on a moonlit night. I love their potential too 🙂

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