One of the best things about the April blog challenge was that I found some new blogs and thankfully, they found me.  One is Amy from Oklahoma whose blog is Afternoon Popcorn Snack.    She shares recipes, pictures, and a little about her life, and who can’t use a little popcorn in the afternoon?  And Amy has presented me with the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award, which is so nice of her.  Thank you Amy.

Rules of  acceptance (as mentioned by other bloggers):

*thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post                        *share 7 things about yourself                                                                                            *nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire                                                                              *contact your chosen bloggers to let them know (this might take me a few days so please bear with me)

Seven things you may not know about me and this is tricky because you already know everything odd and strange about me from the fact that I once worked in a cemetery to the fact that I have eaten rather unusual foods.  But I normally tell you all of the things I like or that I find humor in.  So for a change, and because this is called the ‘Lovely Blog’ award so I do not want to get too sappy, I am going to tell you some things I don’t like or are pet peeves.

*I do not like fishing nor golf.  In fact, the only thing I think would be worse that actually doing them, is watching them on television.   I mean, what is up with the whispering and all of the dead air space.  Yikes!  If you love these two things, I am so glad.  Someone needs to bait the hook and purchase the strange plaid pants that match the golf club socks or whatever that thing is called that you see draped over the end of the club.  I have no hostility toward you, I just won’t be watching.

*The worst thing I have ever eaten was seaweed soup.  I don’t think it was prepared improperly as many Asians and Polynesians were scarfing it down faster than they could refill the pot.  But I tried it.  And I wanted to like it because none of the other Americans were even tasting it.  I kept a brave face until I thought I might gag on my own smile and then had to admit I’ve washed dishes in water that was probably tastier – lemon scented anyway.  Can’t do the seaweed.  Won’t try it again – ever.

*I don’t understand the concept of people refusing to use their turn signals.  What do they think the rest of us are?  Psychic?  In possession of Oiuja boards?   Those things that stick out from the steering column are more than places to hang rubber bands.  They are called ‘Signals’ for a reason.   Please show this post to everyone you know who doesn’t understand the concept.  Thanks.

*What is the gene that guys get that allows them to know the make and model of every vehicle ever sold and why do they think we all possess it?  I figured out that a motorcycle I saw was a Harley Davidson as opposed to a Honda or a Kawasaki.  I thought that was major.  I was proud.  Then I was asked what kind.   My answer – blue?  Why isn’t that correct?  Please tell me.

*Why are newspapers printed on overly large paper?  They never fold back correctly and it takes all of the table space to spread one out.  Then whatever story you are reading about, is continued on another section of the paper.  And it won’t fold appropriately either.  Why can’t they make them like church bulletins?

*I get annoyed when people ask me something, then ask everybody else the same thing.  If they weren’t going to believe whatever I told them, why did they ask me in the first place?

*And my favorite takes place in the hospital.  We’ve all been there – or at least most of us have.  They worry when we don’t sleep.  They give us sleeping pills.  Then they wake us up every little bit to check things.  So why administer the sleep aids?  I don’t get it.

So that’s my seven *cranky* things about me.  Now back to the lovelies.  Fifteen will be easy to do because I don’t follow blogs unless I like them – a lot.  So I’m going witht the first fifteen I know accept awards as not all bloggers enjoy them.

1.  Georgette

2.  Sheila

3.  Bella 1

4.  Bella 2

5.  Lee

6.  Dianna 1

7.  Dianna 2

8.  Darla

9.  MJ

10. Monica

11. Melynda

12. Karen

13. Maureen

14. Mags

15. Wendy

I could list more, but I need to leave a few for the rest of you to present yours to.  I’m looking forward to learning seven new things about you – cranky or not – and to finding your picks for fifteen lovelies in your blogroll.

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