Mystery?  Suspense?  Romance?  Science Fiction?  Memoir?  Humor?

What calls you back to the written word?

Fantasy?  Do it Yourself?  Cookbooks?

What are you looking for in the pages of a book?

Do you like knowing how things will end up or do you want the element of suspense?

Surprise?  Clues?

Do you enjoy a single point of view or do you want to know what the leading characters are thinking?

Are you a fan of a particular setting?  Paris?  Tropical Islands?  Gothic Mansion?

Do you need a tactile physical page turning book, or does an e-reader work as well for you?

Some people are strictly readers of one genre or another.  They know what they like and they stick with it.  I enjoy many different categories and have a wide variety on my bookshelves.  And I feel slightly resistant to the e-readers, although I am warming up to them.  For travel, they would be super.  And the speed of downloading immediately makes them intriguing.  I am sure that I will acquire one – eventually.

One thing I believe we all want from whatever book we read, is to be pulled into the story.  Even a travel book should give me enough intrigue to make me want to experience the city/museum/restaurant/park.  One of the best compliments that I have received was from a travel agent who told me that I made her want to see a particular location because of the way I made her feel when I talked about it.

Do you like strong female characters? Or do you want to have her in need of rescue?

I don’t mind the lead characters getting rescued at the beginning, as long as they don’t need it by the end of the book.

What is your favorite flaw in a character?  Men with eating disorders?  A wealthy kleptomaniac?  Addiction?

Biographies?  Autobiographies? Predictions?

I don’t know about you, but I find an intriguing biography hard to pass up.

Classics?  Dickens?  Austen? Shelley?

Do you like an intelligent book that requires a dictionary close by, or easy reading?

What is on the bedstand right now?  What are you reading that you can’t quite put down?

Give your favorite books and authors a shout out!