Aerobic Striptease??

I enjoy Amazon.  I even like their recommendations for me.  Often they are spot on with literature or videos that they think I will appreciate based on my purchases in the past.   But today I received one that I am scratching my head about:  Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease!

It was released in 2003 so it isn’t even a new video.  I’ve had nine years to choose this form of … sexercise?  And if stripping appealed to me, it would have looked much better nine years ago than it ever could today – trust me on this one.

As my previous post dealt with turning fifty, I doubt there is a stripper pole in my immediate future.  Not even in the privacy of my home.

It isn’t that I am prudish – just ask my husband.  I’m all for the thirty second va-va-va-voom that comes with candlelight and a feather boa.  But thirty minutes of such a thing – or however long the sessions are – seems like torture.

Maybe that’s the point.

How about you?  Ever had something recommended for you that made you wonder why?

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  1. The first thing I thought of when I read the headline was “Striptease? Yes please” in my hubby’s voice – ha!

    Somehow I got on a Wicca catalogue mailing list?? I even wrote a post about it ( )

    I love Amazon and usually their recommendations are good … the oddest one I’ve gotten of late was some some colon cleanse products; I had searched for tummy support supplements I think and that must have them convinced that I needed the colon stuff, too. Um … no!

    Fun post 🙂


    1. MJ, I’m dying to ask if you found anything interesting in the Wicca catalogue, but I’ll check out your post to see. I usually remember yours but this was before I started blogging and we got acquainted. Look for a comment there.

      1. You know, there were actually some very interesting items in there, some that were spooky-weird and others that were mystical and cool. But they lost me at the cauldrons and goblets with dragons/fake blood. Some beautiful dresses and garments though.
        🙂 MJ

  2. “Ever had something recommended for you that made you wonder why?” No, Renee. Critical bitch that I am no one recommends anything to me (other than music – mainly because it’s not my domain so I lie myself open as wide as Poland last century). Neither do I ever wonder ‘why’. I just wonder.

    If I really want to wonder I venture no further than my wordpress spamfolder. WordPress is good that way. They keep me innocent – whilst occasionally filtering bona fide commentators.

    Thing is, Renee, sex sells. Sex draws attention. Please don’t tell me you have read “50 Shades of Gray”. I haven’t and I won’t. If you have it won’t hurt our friendship. One does have to make allowances.

    However, I do disagree with you on turning fifty and not being fit for up there on the greasy pole. On the other hand: Why should women do all the hard work?

    And remember: “The lure of the older woman”. A siren has nothing on you.

    What am I talking about? 50 is the new 24 and a half.


    1. Ursula, I love your comments. I am howling laughing at this. And I needed a good laugh today. You would think just seeing the recommendation alone would have been cheerful enough for me. Write on Ursula!

  3. I have pretty wide ranging interests so I get stuff all the time recommended that doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Even so I think the striptease workout would stun me a little too. Maybe it would make that almost 50 body back into what it was nine years ago? It’s good for a laugh and a blog.

    1. Yes, sometimes I search for a blog topic with thoughtful insight and well placed quotes. Other times, they present themselves to me – like this – just spur of the moment. Guess it paid off after all.

  4. A striptease exercise video…I could turn that into a jello commercial first time I put it in the player! lol
    I was sent a recommendation by a book club, automotive history…(snore)

  5. Once you order something from any mail order catalogue you end up on a list and they start sending you more catalogues. I always shake my head when I go to pick up the mail and there are two mail order catalogues. One is a Plus Size clothing line that I order from and the other is…Victoria Secret. What are they thinking?

    1. Well, I suppose we could use a plus size outfit to cover up layers of clothes so that we could strip for a long time before getting down to the Victoria secrets. I’m beginning to understand. We just have to think it through. LOL.

  6. As the first (and quite possibly the only) male to respond to this post, I feel compelled to state that this post is useless without pictures and videos! 😛

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Amazon has no idea of who I am, based off my eclectic tastes in reading and viewing material. I will say that reviewing various books on Opera – La Traviata to be specific, I started honing in on the concept of Mistresses and Madames in 19th Century society, since it was based on a real life character Marie Duplessis. The next few weeks I was getting recommendations about all kinds of sexually explicit interesting books. And of course, being a guy, browsing some of the titles didn’t help my profile any. It does make me wonder a little about what conclusions are drawn about me that are out there in the ether. When I do, I usually laugh. 😀

    1. Hey Phil, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what little file is stored on us that kicks out these strange recommendations and what we looked at or purchased that is now profiling us? And I love the first line of your comment. Trust me when I say you are better off using imagination.

  7. I write movie and book summaries for extra money, so I tend to browse amazon to have a look at the titles before I write my piece. This means I browse a great deal of titles on Amazon that I have zero interest in. They have recommended anything to me in years that looks very interesting. Too bad I didn’t get the striptease video…that would have been worth a laugh. 🙂

  8. Yes i get dating sites and request when my profiles say I’m married. My favorite is when they send me porn subscriptions! Really?

  9. LOL…I recommendations are pretty tame since I read a lot of Dickens. I need to select some of the books or movies you watch 😉

  10. Renee, I think the Amazon people, wanted you to come up with this post. That’s why such a recommendation came your way that day! 🙂

  11. Doesn’t seem prudish AT ALL. They are clearly “desperate” in their advertising. …would have looked better 9 years earlier/trust me… 🙂

    Clearly, Carmen’s rent is due.

  12. Renee, this post was the perfect accompaniment to my late night cup of java and ahem, small cupcake. You had me chuckling like crazy! It also made me think that if Amazon suspected I was munching on sugary carbs at 2am, they’d be sending me recommendations of how to lose those unwanted pounds. And since pole dancing sounds like torture, this might even be one of my recommendations! ha! 🙂

  13. I don’t pay much attention to Amazon’s recommendations. I guess usually when I go to, I’m focused on one specific book or item and don’t really browse. Sometimes my Netflix recommendations puzzle me. But I’m an eclectic movie watcher so I guess anything’s game.

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