I enjoy Amazon.  I even like their recommendations for me.  Often they are spot on with literature or videos that they think I will appreciate based on my purchases in the past.   But today I received one that I am scratching my head about:  Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease!

It was released in 2003 so it isn’t even a new video.  I’ve had nine years to choose this form of … sexercise?  And if stripping appealed to me, it would have looked much better nine years ago than it ever could today – trust me on this one.

As my previous post dealt with turning fifty, I doubt there is a stripper pole in my immediate future.  Not even in the privacy of my home.

It isn’t that I am prudish – just ask my husband.  I’m all for the thirty second va-va-va-voom that comes with candlelight and a feather boa.  But thirty minutes of such a thing – or however long the sessions are – seems like torture.

Maybe that’s the point.

How about you?  Ever had something recommended for you that made you wonder why?