Thank you all for the wonderful well wishes, tips and advice, and sympathy during my husband’s recent ordeal with kidney stones.  We think it has passed.  When it first subsided we weren’t sure whether or not it had just moved away from the offending area, but having experienced no pain in a couple of days, we are hopeful that he passed it.

I thought it would be obvious when it happened.  The doctor says that seventy percent of sufferers do not know when it happens.  I suppose there is so much pain involved anyway that it isn’t as clear as one would think.  Some people screen their urine in order to be certain.  This is especially important if you have had the sonar stone bursting technique due to the ability to measure the grains against the size of the stone to be certain that it has all passed.

So our fingers are crossed and our refrigerator is full of cranberry juice and bottled water.  As so many of you have said, it isn’t enough to hydrate during an issue, he must stay hydrated ALL of the time, as must I.

Now for another update!

I have changed my blogroll.  You may have noticed that it is missing from the sidebar area.  It lacked the links for so many blogs I follow.  Some were due to changes in the web addresses of the blog sites.  Some were just blogs I started to follow after preparing the initial widget.

The thing is – I don’t like the process of working with widgets.  I know how to do it and have done it, but it isn’t an easy, no-brainer for me.  It requires much concentration, trial and error, and frustration.  For a single photo or automatic link it is not such a big deal.  For an ever-changing list of sites, I decided to do something a little bit easier for me.

Thus, the new page labeled ‘Blogroll’ which is so easy to use and may actually be updated by me on a more regular basis.  Even this hasn’t been error free for me though and I may have failed to save an address before moving on to another addition, so if you know I regularly visit your site and you don’t find your blog address listed, please send me a comment and I’ll correct it.

I would also like to encourage those of you who think there’s a great novel inside of you to be thinking of the upcoming novel-writing challenge:  National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo which is just around the corner.  During the month of November participants are encouraged to write 50,000 words.  It’s a great jump-start for many of us and I have participated for many years – having actually surpassed the word count last year.  Yeah!

What made it successful last year?  I’d say the preparation.

Year after year I went into November without an idea in my head, thinking – incorrectly – that it was necessary to begin with nothing and come away with a novel.  That isn’t the case at all.  Although actually writing a single word is prohibited, the planning is not.  One should have an outline, a plot in mind, characters already formed.  That way, the preliminary work is out of the way and the writing can begin.

If you think this would bring out the words you’ve been waiting to share, please link up and sign in for the challenge.  There are great tips at the site and month-long pep talks as one normally starts off like a bull charging the arena and then falls into a mush pit, bogging up at the quarter to third portion of the challenge.  Knowing that everyone has this happen, makes it easier to soldier through.  I have learned much from my participation in previous years.

Will you join me?