Editors – Three Important Reasons Writers Need Them!

The question of who needs an editor comes up often once a manuscript is finished.  Editor and blogging friend Linda Paul answers this for us in the post on editors at reneejohnsonwrites.com.

Editors – Three Important Reasons Writers Need Them!

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  1. I’m going to hop over too. I am a strong believer in the fact that everybody needs an editor! Everybody. Somebody always needs to say: “is that helpful to the story/memo?” “Does that push the story” — “This word would be better.” Everybody needs an editor.

    1. Finding the right person is important, but if the first one doesn’t work out, find another. And often the publishing houses offer their own editors as part of the process.

  2. Hhmmm…I guess I’ve thought of editors more in connection with writing books, or for writers who work in professional settings…the newspaper or magazine world. Could my blog use some editing? Yes! I often self-edit, as I’m sure many do. After all, that’s the point of creating a draft and choosing when to hit the publish key. But I’m sure that often, even when I think my post is ready, it could still use an editor’s critical eye. Thank you for making me think about this! ~ Sheila

    1. I think you put this in perfect perspective. A blog by definition is more forgiving. It is immediate. But, the drafting process should lend itself to small corrections. As for the serious editing, I think that is reserved for manuscripts or professional articles. You do an excellent job at self-editing your blog posts.

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