Zooming In!

Well folks, I’ve finally done it.

I’ve gotten a new camera.

It was my Mother’s Day gift from my husband.  I think he grew tired of me looking at them incessantly which I’ve been doing for about two years.  There may have been a slightly ulterior motive as well, since we have a lot of wildlife on our farm in Virginia and it’s been difficult to snap decent pictures of them with my 3X zoom on my first digital camera.

This new baby is the rock star of automatic non-lens-exchange cameras.


Canon SX50 HS
Canon SX50 HS

I looked at everything, everywhere, and every possible telescoping lens.  No doubt, there are more professional cameras available.  But as our blogging friend Otto Munchow suggested, I needed to find one that would work in my hands.

I have never taken a photography course.  I don’t have the slightest idea – yet – how to manually set a camera to do things I wish it to do.  When traveling, I didn’t want a carry-on that held nothing but camera parts.  And when there is a black bear wandering through the Virginia property, it probably won’t wait until I’m set up before moving on.

So, I decided on this camera and it has arrived.  It’s complicated enough so that I need to figure a few things out.  But, I can set it to Automatic and it will even tell me when to pop up the flash.  And I’ve been getting comfortable with the zoom feature.

This is Gretel on the sofa at regular speed.
This is Gretel on the sofa at regular speed.

Now watch the zoom feature’s capture of her beauty.

Gretel with zoom.
Gretel with zoom.
Gretel looking out window
Gretel looking out window

I’ve picked up water droplets on flower petals.

water on flowers
water on flowers

So, besides doing a little work around the cabin in Virginia, I’m taking this camera – and the manual – along with me this weekend.  It’s an internet free zone, although I have managed a quick post via my telephone if the signal is just right.

Hopefully I will get it all figured out soon and will have some great photos to share with you.

I wish you all a fabulous start to the summer season.  (In America we consider Memorial Weekend the beginning of our summer celebrations.)  And I hope you get a chance to thank a person serving in the military or to remember one who didn’t get the opportunity to hear those thanks in person.

And by all means, be safe.

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  1. Sweet camera! I still have my little Canon XSi but I have a cool nifty fifty lens I bought separate. But your zoom lens is something I covet now. Love the photos. the water droplets are amazing.

  2. I currently shoot with an iphone 4S so I’m no expert, but…..I so badly wanted to give Gretel a scratch behind the ears…and give the blooms a sniff – even if I would end up with dew on my nose – so you are off to a great start with these shots. Have fun with your new gear!

  3. YAY! I’m sure my camera is capable of doing a bazillion times more things with it than I know how to, but I’m happy with it. I know you’re going to love playing with your new toy!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Did you get Gretel to match the colorscheme of the sofa ?Or the Sofa to match Gretel!?

  5. Great camera! Gretel is gorgeous! I really wanted a female shepherd but we got Zoe, a brindle pit bull and she’s a love. I had a Shepherd named Willie many years ago and adorred him. They are the most gorgeous dogs ever. I love the way Gretel looks like that sofa was made for her in mind!

  6. Nice! And the good Canons can take photos in remarkably low light without the flash. I usually take a try without flash and then with on the same subject. The non-flash is more natural-looking if you can get away with it.

    Have fun!

  7. Nice one, Renee! I hope you remember once we had a conversation regarding digital cameras in one of your earlier posts. And it’s really funny that, last month my brother brought a small Canon digital camera for me from us and now you have one with. Looking forward to see you capturing some really beautiful gifts of nature. 🙂

  8. This looks like an awesome camera. Your first shots are worthy. You are so wise about the set-up thing. I have a DSLR with always the wrong lens on it. Plus, I still don’t know how to use it and I’ve had it for about 4 years. Hopefully, an upcoming class will help.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. What a lovely gift. What I really admire is that the zoom is sharp and clear. I avoid my zoom because it’s a sure fire way to get a blurry result because I need to hold the camera very still. Only if I place it on something firm and stable, does it render non-blurred results. I need a stabilizer in my next camera! Looking forward to future photos. 🙂

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  11. First up is a good wide-angle lens to get those cool wide-angle shots. Since your walk-around lens can often go decently wide, it can often be used at its widest setting. But if you want to take it to the next level look into getting a dedicated wide-angle lens. If you have an extra camera body, even an older one, you may just leave your wide-angle lens mounted and grab it when necessary. I prefer the versatility of the zoom lenses, but if primes are your thing there are some great wide angles at the 14, 20 and 24mm focal lengths. Below are two wide-zooms that stand out.

  12. Belated Happy Mother’s Day. That is a perfect gift. A perfect way to capture you passions in a more vivid, magnificent way. Wonderful first shots. Gretel is a beauty.

  13. Congratulations! Have fun with your new toy, I am sure it’s going to be a great tool for you. Hopefully we will see the result here on your blog.

  14. Congratulations! Wishing you a fun learning experience and many years of happiness with your camera. Isn’t the zoom the most awesome feature of a camera?
    Gretel is a magnificent beauty. She sure has grown up fast. What a Sweetheart she must be! 🙂

  15. Many thanks for your intro to the Canon Sx50 HS. I think that’s what I need. I also don’t relish having to carry a bag of accessories – especially since I like to hike and photograph.

    I came here looking for Linda’s post…I must have misread. I’ll keep searching. Meanwhile I see all sorts of familiar bloggers here in your comment thread. Where have I been?! 😀

  16. “Gretel with zoom” – hee hee, how cute 🙂

    It’s no wonder Gretel was one of your first focuses!

  17. It’s been about two months since you acquired your new camera. I hope you are still enjoying it? And of course having fun during the summer. Enjoy shooting!

  18. Hey, I somehow missed this post waaay back in May! Like you, I’m not a professional photographer…I think I vaguely recall a class back in college (before the earth’s crust cooled 🙂 ) but at this point, nothing of that knowledge remains! So I’m learning from scratch! Your camera looks very impressive! I chose the Canon Rebel after reading good things about it from some other blogging sites. But regardless of model, Canon is a great brand, so I’m sure we’ll both enjoy working with these new toys! Love your sample shots, especially the water drops! ~ Sheila

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