The squirrels are making me ‘nuts’ these days.  They fly into the feeder from the nearby trees, slide down the top and onto the ledge.  Take a peek.

Of course, we feed our birds year round, which entices the squirrels, but since getting this new camera, I have a new reason to be thankful for the heavy presence of our bird population.  Just take a look at some of the things they are ridding me of.

birds with juicy treats
birds with juicy treats

bird with worm Bird with food on sidewalk june 2013 bird close up with food june 2013

And now I am totally addicted to trying to get shots of them with food in their mouths which isn’t always easy.  But what fun to see things they consider ‘dinner’.  Are you a bird fan?  Do you try to catch them with unusual treats in their beaks?

blue jay scores a nut june 2013

How about the squirrels?  Have to say that as annoying as they can be, they are so funny to watch.  Sometimes when they fly over to the feeder they miss and hit the post which is hard plastic.  Then they just slide down and have to start all over again.  My husband loves to have his coffee while watching their ballet.

And having this new camera is giving me a whole new perspective on the great job they are doing – organically!