Eiffel toast

This weekend I am celebrating the marriage of a dear friend — with other dear friends in a sleepover all-girl pajama party with tons of food and wine and movies!

And yes, because we are all mostly southern women, we still refer to ourselves as ‘girls’. It’s our right. (Don’t try to interfere by pointing out the obvious.)

Going around the table starting at the left (your left) is Paula. Beside of her is Leila, the rascal who took off without giving notice. Laurie is next, then yours truly with the long hair and giant smile. Beside of me is Susan, and then Karen back at the right edge of the picture.

There are more of us and I might be persuaded to publish pictures of the event with them included. That will depend on what we are doing when the evidence group is photographed. *wink*

I have to say, these are some of the best people I have ever had the privilege to call friends and I am looking forward to getting together with them over the weekend.

This trip to Paris was so much fun. I don’t think we stopped laughing and I can vividly recall how much my face hurt at night from the constant grinning and giggling. I imagine it will again by Sunday afternoon!

What is one of your most memorable moments with your friends?