Do you make your own rules about blogging, email, writing time?

Most of us do. We nearly have to or we would just become bogged down by the sheer weight of all of the responsibility.

I commit so many sins where email is concerned. With a smart phone, I-pad, kindle, and lap top — all backups for the desktop computer — I can check email any time of day normally.

So, I scan through them, reading the ones most important to me. However, the others build up until I’m looking down the list of page after page of interesting articles I meant to get to, sales I’ve missed, and opportunities to connect long gone.

My new rule, I cannot let the first day of the month arrive with old emails in my inbox.

“Your email inbox is a bit like a Las Vegas roulette machine. You know, you just check it and check it, and every once in a while there’s some juicy little tidbit of reward, like the three quarters that pop down on a one-armed bandit. And that keeps you coming back for more.” — Douglas Rushkoff

Blogging is a passion, but if I spend too much time on posts — and let’s face it, who among us doesn’t seek the best picture, the most poignant quotes, the perfectly worded sentences — then I’m not connecting with other bloggers, working on the next manuscript, learning a foreign language, or getting in a workout.

My new rule, I will post at least once a month and connect with my followers and those I follow before moving on.

Writing time? Oh boy…this is sacred. Around here, things start getting crazy as soon as the sun rises. So I have to protect writing time with an iron fist. And the only way to do that, is to get up early and by that I mean…4:45…which gives me a couple of hours to write in solitude.

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”W. Somerset Maugham 

Workouts? I know what you’re thinking. If anything on the list could be passed over, this is it. Well, NO. Workouts are a writer’s best friend. We sit too long at a time. We hunch our shoulders. And we probably drink too much coffee.

So getting a full rush of sweat is good for us. It also feeds our creativity.

New rule, I won’t have dinner until the workout is in!! Most days I can squeeze something in even if I have to break it into chunks of time, say 20 minutes in three different segments. Try it, it works.

“So many people are insanely busy nowadays, and it’s easy to say, ‘Ah, I’ll workout tomorrow.’ But you have to set aside a time and stick to that schedule.”Derek Jeter

But these are my rules. What are some of yours??