Downtown North Wilkesboro, North Carolina hosted the Wilkes Cruisers and their immaculately restored cars on the most beautiful day of the season.  Sunny, warm, Carolina blue skies…a slice of heaven.  So I took Gretel for her first car show!

car show gretel upclose      car show gretel looking at car

For the record, I have been around people with a love of antique cars and their restoration–my nephew Johnathan Call for one–my entire life.

car show 8  car show 10

But make no mistake.  I didn’t inherit the gene for identifying a Dodge from a Ford.  My apologies right off the bat.

car show 2      car show 17Car show 1

So if I mention a make or model, it is precisely because the owner told me what it was and I wrote it down.  Such as this 1955 Ford Roadster.  The owner said only 3 were made, so I guess this one is truly special. car show 55 ford roadster

What is terrific about a car show though, is the lack of necessity for knowing this information.  car show 5

Car show 3    car show 4

Their owners are happy to talk about them.  They have been a labor of love, a source of enjoyment.

car show 7   car show 11car show 6

And while Gretel and I were out and about, I took the opportunity to really look at my town and its gorgeous mountainous surroundings.

car show historic sign    car show street view

The Art Gallery, Car show Art Gallery

the Public Library car show public librarywhere I had my reading for Acquisition, perf5.000x8.000.inddthe Post Office car show post officewhere I work–up on the hill with the flag waving proudly, my favorite

car show taliacoffee shop–Talia–the car show theater and BrancifortesLiberty Theater still operating as it did when I was a child, Branciforte’s Italian Restaurant, car show town hallTown Hall,

Brame Drugs–proudly announcing that it is a Dispensary, Restaurant & Pub, (I can’t begin to count the number of meals I’ve eaten there in my lifetime.) car show Brame Drugs      car show art on building

The sudden spark of heat is starting to wilt early spring flowers, but the flowering trees and shrubs are just getting started.

car show tree     car show flowers

And Gretel is getting all of the attention.  Such a beauty, this one.  And letting everyone pet her from the youngest attendee, to the lovely skater girl.

car show Gretel and skater girl   car show youngest attendeecar show 21

I even ran into an old school friend, Mark Wood.  He probably single-handedly saved my entire last gathering of a reunion from a flaming death as he put out the fire I accidentally started from dipping streamers into a candle flame.  Oops.  Officially his title is Reverend Mark Wood/Fireman Wood.  Apparently I am going to end up needing his services one way or the other.  *laughing*

car show mark and 68 camaro   car show 20

Perhaps that close call helped him decide to purchase this gem–a 1968 Camaro.  (He told me what it was!)  Looking good!

car show 19car show 18

While we milled about, music cranked up.  The streets, barricaded from traffic, filled with people out and about enjoying the day.  Tents were set up for food sellers.

car show 15car show 13

I actually was treated to my favorite local specialty–barbecued chicken!  Oh yes, thank you Broadway Fire Department.  Barbecued Chickencar show 9

It was their first of the season and boy was it good.  And special thanks to Jason Hart for making sure we got ours.  Yay!car show street view 2