On the Vineyard

Writing has brought me back to Martha’s Vineyard.  Yes, I arrived during a storm once more.  This isn’t a bad thing, though.  Possibly the warmth of food and friendship is more intensely cherished when the wind is howling and the rain flooding the walkways.

    IMG_0655                         IMG_0546

There are ten writers here, one house manager, and the Residency’s director.  It’s a bit larger group than last time, and possibly more diverse.  I like that!

IMG_0571          IMG_0573

On my sister blog, the one where I take you along with me as I seek writing inspiration, I’ll discuss the challenges of gathering my thoughts in a group environment, but here, I want to just share a bit of the travel highlights.

IMG_0733                            IMG_0608

The residency is at Noepe Center for Literary Arts, previously Point Way Inn.  Beautifully decorated and conveniently located to allow access to most things in Edgartown by foot or bicycle, it is on the corner of Main Street and Pease’s Point Way.

IMG_0674Charming, quaint, full of local color, I adore the atmosphere.  Signs appear to be hand-painted and particular to the New England area.


Clouds only enhance the moodiness of the island, setting the stage for dark or stormy scenes.



Stay tuned for further adventures on the vineyard!IMG_0708

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