I’m free! I was not able to get myself out of the snow drift, but a friend pulled me out and I was able to continue on my way, (in a different direction albeit). The wind has been pretty fierce since the snow ended yesterday. At times it appeared to be conjuring tornadoes of snow, spinning the powder into circular funnels that rose from the ground like one of Charles Dickens’ apparitions. The strange drifts have been quite a nuisance though, as there is no way to judge how much is on the road. This Christmas snow storm has set many records here in North Carolina, the deepest on record in my area and the only Christmas snow in areas east, like our capital, Raleigh, NC. Icy sidewalks have filled our emergency rooms with broken wrists, ankles, legs and even head injuries. Not what you want to happen during the holidays. Luckily, most of the wrecks have been minor. The advantage to having strong winds, is that it seems to be drying up the roads. If I can manage to stay out of snow banks, the year should end well.

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  1. I want to go skiing and whip around those tornadoes of snow. So fresh, snow must be, so beautiful.

    These seasons we are each passing through, there is no getting around them, hey…

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