Last night I dreamed I was in Troyes, France, a city that I was fortunate to spend a few days in this past autumn. When I was there it felt a bit like being in a dream, ancient cobblestone streets, centuries old half timbered houses, extraordinary gothic architecture in the many churches, colored roof tiles, secret gardens. Yet, very modern with great shopping, sculpture, parks, museums. Now, in my dream, it felt as though I was there in the midst of a Medieval Fair. Children parading through the streets in colorful costumes, vendors selling their wares from tables in the city center, the aroma of grilled andouillette with its creamy mustard and wine sauce filling the air. Aah, what could be better? Especially since my husband and son were there with me; in dream only. Although both have traveled outside of the United States and on more than one occasion, neither has made it to Europe. I hope I can change that, encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone. Perhaps Troyes is the place to start. At least it is in my dreams!