2010 Resolutions

In the past my resolutions appeared to be guerrilla soldiers, laying in wait for me to step out of line. I would list a tally of ‘I resolve to…’ followed by: organize, lose weight, exercise every day, write every morning, give up chocolate, etc. Strict, unforgiving, and totally surrendered before Valentine Day! Yet, there is so much hope and anticipation in planning a ‘new year, new me’ reinvention. Put the bad habits of the past behind and start a new reality. But when I would fail, out came the firing squad of self flagellation.
Last year I tried something different. I made a list of five wishes. Five perfect dream come true scenarios, then on a second column I listed what I would settle for in each category. And guess what, I accomplished some of every item in the ‘settle for’ category. For instance, I wished to lose 40 pounds and would settle for 20. In actuality I lost 17. I wished to spend a month in Europe and would settle for a European vacation. In actuality I spent two weeks in France. I wished to publish my novel, would settle for a final editing. I haven’t finished the final, final edit but I did publish a short nonfiction story about Paris. So I am satisfied with my new system of wish-o-lutions instead of resolutions. You know what they say; be careful about what you wish for, it might come true!

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  1. How interesting, your wish-o-lutions, Renee. I wonder how this year ended up being. I hope it was a good year, went the way you kicked it off.

    I love checking out old posts! I reckon we all change over time, from that first day we blogged.

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