New Computer

It’s official; I am in love with an inanimate object. Wait, it’s more animate than inanimate, with wireless keyboard, mouse, and printer, it seems somewhat alive. The monitor is twenty-five inches of LCD brightness. It has everything I could ask for, except internet service.

That’s a problem.

I think this is where I have to admit to the severely antiquated system that I have been using. More than ten years old and connected by dial up,( I hear you laughing), but still working and as comfortable as my old chenille bath robe. I tried to hook it up to the ethernet once, although it had no port for the cable. I took it to a local computer store and had one installed. The download then proceeded to loop continuously and the technical support, available only by telephone, decided the problem was my old computer. So, I went back to dial up because it actually worked with the equipment that I had.

All the fault doesn’t belong to me. I did purchase a laptop a few years after the desktop. Both are Dell. The laptop had issues nearly from the start. The steps involved in attempting to fix it, devoured every Saturday and most afternoons. I surrendered efforts to repair it about the time that I began to receive letters about defective batteries causing overheating. It mocks me; sits atop a desk as a permanent reminder of the wasted investment.

So much has changed in the world of computer technology and I chose my new one after much consideration, research, and observations of others’ systems. Our telephone company has the order for our ethernet hook up. I have unpacked and set up each piece of the handsome HP unit. It looks so sleek, like appearances alone will make it more efficient. It’s rare for me to be so excited about a piece of equipment, but I can hardly wait to get started. I have a feeling this is going to be a long and productive relationship.

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  1. When I first fired up this 24-inch one I’m transitioning to, everything looked sooooo big, it almost blinded me. Now when I look at the old one, it’s formerly grand screen seems microscopic. I still need to fire up the old one to network from the new one to the printer which is wired to the old one. Oh, dear. That sounds too complicated.

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