Sweetie Pie & Donkey Get the Vole

North Carolina protects its moles and voles, as many other states do. We are allowed only traps that catch them alive, which never work for me. And I wouldn’t try poison for many reasons, especially cruelty to animals. But, what to do with the burrowing voles that have eaten every bulb and hosta root and rose root causing death to the treasured plants in my landscape?

Whirlygigs? Didn’t work and annoyed me.

Moth balls? Well, they might have worked on the voles, but they definitely did on me. They had to go if I was going to be outside. Yuck!

I gave up.

Then along came the kittens, now beautiful cats. Although they reside in my basement to keep them safe from our territorial old German Shepherd, they get time outside every day while she is safely tucked away in the garage on her bed by the heater.

Yesterday, this pair of cats brought me a gift: a vole! As if they knew it would please me, they brought it to the deck and laid it at the door. Good kitties!

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