Claytor Lake, Virginia

Southwest Virginia is a gold mine for recreational activity. With mountain peaks, state parks, lakes, rivers, hiking trails, horseback riding trails, scenic drives, campgrounds, well…the list just goes on and on.

I visited Claytor Lake State Park and was quite impressed. It is located in Dublin, VA, off interstate 81. The lake is lovely, nestled in the lap of mountains and surrounded by forest. Ducks of all kinds, pintails, mallards, wood ducks, were diving under the water as though performing ballet just for me, oblivious to the encroaching ice that was forming near the waters’ edge.

The cabins are rather new and impressive. Available for rent, they range in size from two bedroom to six bedroom, making it the perfect family getaway for holidays and vacations. Even just a long weekend can be restorative in the clean fresh air. And if you have your own camper, there are plenty of campsites to choose from.

Swimming is permitted from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There are shelters for outdoor gatherings and a gazebo for weddings that is situated on a peninsula that juts out into the lake. A meeting facility is also on the lake side with wi-fi for those of us who are convinced we must have connectivity to the outside world at all times.

Check this park out, especially if you live within driving distance or are planning to travel through the area.

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