I have found a zinfandel that I like and ‘7 Deadly Zins’ is its name. A product of the Lodi region of California, and produced by Michael-David Winery, it derives its name from the seven vineyards that supply the grapes to produce it.

This is the first zinfandel that I have tasted that wasn’t weak. Perhaps I’ve been trying the wrong vintages, but this one surprised me.

My husband and I spent an evening swirling, sniffing, gargling and sipping the thick dark liquid that had body and clung to the side of the wine glass, in no obvious hurry to slide back into the mix.
We picked up scents of plum, leather, black cherry and cola. The oak tannins lingered long enough to make it suitable for smoked meats, while its spicy, peppery bite wasn’t overwhelming. It makes a good sipping wine as well, very satisfying on its own.

During warm weather we like to grill outdoors. We also use a smoker and are particularly fond of smoked beef brisket. And the wine of choice for our next barbecue will be 7 Deadly Zins.

If you pick up a bottle, check out the poem on the back that was written by Kevin Phillips, one of the next generation of wine makers in the Phillips family. Quite enjoyable. But then, good wine is poetry in a glass, n’est pas?

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