Do your friends call you for names of hotels you have stayed at, or vintage of a particular wine consumed at an event? Does your diary require its own filing system? Do you carry around a pocket notepad? Is the blackberry your newest best friend? Do you wonder about things, people, places? Do you find yourself thinking in terms of character and plot? Do you rip interesting pages out of magazines and newspapers?

Then you might be a writer!

It is hard to think of oneself as a writer, even if you have written all of your life. With bulging boxes of novels, mostly bad, I still have difficulty calling myself a writer. But each new article or blog reinforces the writer within. I now know what it means to be disciplined enough to write daily. It is easier to write when you do it every day. It’s like weight lifting for your creative brain.

Crack open the door to your writer’s mind. Take out the boxes of notes and clippings you have saved. Read your old journals and diaries. Invite the writer within to your dinner table. Feed her foie gras and caviar. Take her out on nature hikes. Go to a bookstore and inhale the aroma of new books and fresh coffee. People watch at a park. Give yourself the time to write and let your muse take over.

You might find out that you can string together a coherent paragraph, which added to another becomes an article. And then you’ll be so happy writing that ideas will flood your mind and there will be more things to write about than you’ll have time for.

Go ahead. You know what you are; you are a writer and today you will write something from your ‘notes and clippings’ box. And it will feel good!

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