Spring is teasing us with temperatures in the upper sixties and even in the seventies. We are all giddy with the respite from snow, freezing rain, icy winds. Just to breathe in deep warm breaths that do not sting when they hit the lungs is a treat. People are nicer, bestow friendly greetings.

Yesterday a woman yelled out to me, “Yea, spring is here!”

“Shhh,” I cautioned. “Don’t scare her away.”

She made the finger over her sealed lips sign, and then we laughed.

We know this is a temporary warming. Our worst storms often attack in March. The great blizzard of 1993 is testament to that. Even the mail couldn’t get through, a sign that it is really bad.

But for now we are cherishing the break, enjoying a cookout, taking a walk. Trees are sprouting buds, daffodils are pushing up through the pine needles, the grass seems a little less gray. I feel the need to soak up a little solar energy, refill my tank of sunshine and fresh air. Wherever you are today, I wish the same for you. Perhaps we need the dreariness of winter to make us truly appreciate the joy of spring. Just don’t be too loud about it; we don’t want to frighten her away.

Peeking Daffodils

Peeking Daffodils

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