Severe Thunderstorms Usher February Out

How many of you have heard the saying, ‘if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb’? Well, it roared into town last night amidst thunder, lightening, heavy rain and fierce winds. It even caused havoc at the farm, resulting in an after-midnight alert that required attention from my husband. He’s sleeping in this morning, so I don’t know yet what caused the problem.

Yesterday didn’t just end with mayhem, it moved in early and spent the entire day with us!

It started when I arrived at work, only to notice an extremely slack tire. Afraid it would be completely flat quite soon, I immediately left for the tire shop. It wasn’t open yet. And as I stood in the increasing humidity considering my options, my hair absorbed the moisture and became a serious ‘fashion don’t’!
When I finally made it back to work, there was a new supervisor on site. My first impression was blown; late and disheveled! Don’t you just love it when your day begins so unpleasantly.

Meanwhile, my husband was having issues of his own and the two people who could help him resolve them, were both out of town. So, he spent most of the day manually operating equipment that should have worked on its own.

C’est la vie!

Back home safely at the end of the day, I put in the dog and turned out the cats, (they still don’t get along). I was upstairs working on my novel when the phone started ringing.

“Bad storms are headed this way,” my husband warned. “Put the umbrellas down and get all the animals in.”

I headed to the deck. Dark clouds rolled overhead like an angry sea. We had enjoyed the deck over the weekend and left the umbrellas up, now vulnerable to the winds. I called the cats and one flew around the side of the house. The other was not to be found. I could only hope it was somewhere safe, possibly afraid to come out.

Then the first wave of the storm hammered down on us. When it eased up, a very wet cat turned up, scratching at the French doors that lead to the deck. At least it was alright.

My novel didn’t get much attention. Good ideas were probably lost. I enjoy writing during storms and find them conducive to creativity. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

We made it through the storm, and through February. March threw her worst at us from the start, so I am expecting her to warm up and calm down. Spring feels like it is here and I don’t know anybody who isn’t happy about that. And today, I have an appointment with the hairdresser! Yippee!

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