How To Make Chocolate Croissants

There are times when a gal must have chocolate. Last night, was one of those times. But I didn’t want plain chocolate, I wanted it to be gooey and interesting, like the brilliant chocolate croissants I had in Paris, France.

So, I made some at home.

No, I am not a pastry chef, but I can make cheese danishes out of crescent rolls. I figured I could make chocolate croissants out of puff pastry and good chocolate. A scene with Meryl Streep and Steve Martin in ‘It’s Complicated’ came to mind. They opened her bakery after a date and made chocolate croissants out of triangles of dough.

Could it be that simple?

I removed a sheet of puff pastry dough from the freezer and let it thaw at room temperature for about an hour. Then I cut it in quarters, making four equal size squares. I cut the squares in half diagonally, going from top left corner to bottom right corner, leaving me with eight little triangles. I then placed a tiny square of chocolate in the center of each triangle and rolled it up from its corner peak toward the longest edge, like you would a crescent roll. The oven was preheating at 400 degrees F as I did this. I placed the eight crescent shaped rolls on a nonstick tray and baked for about fifteen to twenty minutes, until they were golden and molten.

It was magnificent! Exactly what I wanted; puffed, flaky, with a melted chocolate center.

My husband and son were both quite impressed and now I have another quick, go-to recipe. And you do too! Enjoy!

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