Bellini Rosso Del Carlo Vino Da Tavola

We have long known that the Mona Lisa’s smile holds a secret. Leonardo Da Vinci painted it there within her slightly curled lips and piercing eyes. Dan Brown wrote a suspenseful novel based on the artist’s secret codes and mysterious knowledge. So what does this have to do with wine?

Bellini has used her likeness to portray the Italian love of a good light wine. Some will refer to this wine as a luncheon choice. It’s uncomplicated and delicate. You can drink it alone or with a starter, pasta, pizza. It is best when served at room temperature as it loses something when chilled.

Made from the Sangiovese grape and beautiful in the glass, its ruby hued, strawberry scented oakiness will impress you for a bottle that can be had for less than ten dollars. (Perhaps that is the secret behind the Mona Lisa’s smile!)

Listen, this isn’t an intense, layered, blow-you-away bottle of wine. What it is though, is an inexpensive choice that you can be confident in purchasing for those occasions when something light and wallet friendly is exactly what you are looking for. Total Wine has this for $6.99. Now that is cheap enough isn’t it! I am thinking this would be a good choice for making a fruity summer cooler, maybe sangria.

Share your thoughts with me.

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