A Green Alternative to Lawn Mowers

Our neighbors have found the perfect solution to gas fueled mowers. It came as a means of looking for a method to keep the bank of lawn beyond their house neatly trimmed. They always have a well-manicured landscape, rose arbor, vegetable garden. And now they have a green alternative to lawn mowers.

What is it you ask? It’s goats! Beautiful, amusing, curious goats. And take it from me, the white, black, and fawn colored babies are gorgeous creatures. Their particular breed is a mix of Boer and Pygmy which is larger than pygmy but a miniature version of the goat we normally think of.

The males are protective of the herd, but they have learned that we mean no harm and occasionally bring food. So they are quick to come to the gate when we pass.

An intruding dog might get an offending kick or head butt, all in the name of self-defense. I’m starting to like these cute animals.

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