Severe Weather

Shortly after 1:00 am this morning, the sound of pebbles against the windows caused me to wake from my sleep. It was hail stones being lobbed from the heavens with such force that I was convinced I would soon hear shattering glass. Then sharp claps of thunder announced whip-like bolts of lightening. Driving rain and heavy winds kept me from enjoying the spurts of sleep I would fall into and then be awakened from.

Several hours later, after 6:00 am, it still sounds severe. The sun isn’t up yet, but the morning news program is reporting possible tornadoes touched down in the surrounding area, hundreds of damaged homes, downed trees, power outages, and wind gusts up to sixty miles an hour. Some schools around our area have closed for the day. Many roads are blocked by debris, power and phone lines, tree limbs – or the whole tree in some cases.

The weather is expected to improve but not for a few more hours. Yesterday we reached eighty degrees, enjoying sunshine and light breezes. Today, after the storms move out, we will likely only get highs in the fifties. And tonight could bring frost to our area. Upper elevations could see some snow.


I will be leaving early for work as I am not sure how many detours may be necessary in order to get into town. Let’s hope for better weather and the absence of injuries to people who were hit unexpectedly in their sleep.

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