Experts tell us that our dreams are in black and white, that the neurons required to recognize color are not used during sleep. At least they used to say this and I haven’t uncovered any recent studies to suggest otherwise. But I know that this isn’t correct because I have had many dreams in vivid color. My favorite takes place in Rome and I am there on business but am happy about it. The villa I am staying at is enormous and has many green plants with colorful blooms, lime and lemon trees, olive trees. The colors inside are in yellow and bright blue, like Italian pottery. I can close my eyes and recall the bright sunshine and feeling of sheer bliss.

It was so vivid in fact that I asked a friend who had studied dream analysis what it meant. The first thing she asked me about was which colors were most prominent. Apparently color means as much to the dream interpretation as the dream itself. Then she asked whether I crossed water and several other questions which seemed to have little to do with my gorgeous peaceful villa but turned up the clues necessary to interpret the meaning.

If she is correct, I am about to embark on a new career, one that will make me very happy and quite wealthy. I’ll take a bucket of that!

Here’s to dreaming in color!

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