The Deerpark Restaurant @ Biltmore Estate

Within the premises of The Biltmore Estate is a restaurant named Deerpark. It sits within the foot prints of the old calving barn for the dairy that was once on the grounds – now the winery and Antler Hill.

The Wild Rose Press arranged for our lunch to be served in this beautiful, soothing atmosphere, which was perfect after a morning of crowds near the house. The tables were covered in white cloths and the staff was swift to refill drinks and whisk away empty plates. While we dined on fresh salad greens, garlic knots, roast pork with blackberry sauce, grilled chicken and vegetables, mashed potatoes and green beans, a soft rain serenaded us.

And for dessert, a trio of confections placed so perfectly on the plate that it took a moment to decide if we wanted to stick a fork in it or take its picture.

I did both – starting with its photo. The lady beside of me did the former first and then photographed mine before I devoured it. Key lime pie, raspberry torte and chocolate peanut butter roulade – yum!

At least we had the chance to walk it off in the beautiful gardens before it had a chance to permanently relocate on our hips and thighs.

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