Guilty Pleasures

What is your guilty pleasure? Is it a soap opera, bubble gum music, a gossip magazine? Or perhaps it’s cheap jewelry, false eyelashes, or take out food. Whatever it is, just embrace it and accept it as unadulterated joy.

For me, my favorite guilty pleasure is a bubble bath in my oversized jacuzzi, complete with soft tub pillow, a book, and a glass of wine. Given these simple items, I can soak, sip, and savor literature simultaneously. It’s perfection!
At the end of a long day, nothing is more soothing than a scented bubble bath. And honestly, I now have a complete wardrobe of bath items; back scrubbers, oils, soaks, bubbles, salts, fizzy balls, even roses whose petals turn into bath soak as they slowly melt. And scents are also part of the plethora of products; lavender, coconut, citrus, herbal, champagne, chocolate, floral, rosemary mint, cucumber, woodsy, eucalyptus, vanilla, brown sugar, apple cinnamon. Sometimes it sounds more like a dessert than a bath, but is always a breath of freshness and a study in relaxation.

I wonder whether the humming of the jets in the jacuzzi is a good or bad thing. They are rather loud, but drown out the television outside of the door, ringing phone, and the voices of family if they are at home when I am trying to soak. It’s easier to ignore the hypnotizing jets than the rambling random outside chatter and clatter.

But let’s not think about the distractions, let’s stay focused on the guilty pleasure of warm water and frothy bubbles soaking away the day’s woes. Or is that the wine?

Must get out of the tub now – wrinkled fingers, empty wine glass and ‘The End’ at the last page of my book.

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