May 21 Doomsday Prediction

Why are we so caught up with our own demise and every self-proclaimed expert or (false) prophet who professes to know more than the angels in heaven?

How is it possible to calculate exact age of the world down to the day, even if using the smaller number of ‘creationism’ years from Biblical tales of Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark?

When the same ploy has failed before, why would anyone fall for it again?

And if it is the end, do you want to spend the time you have left worried about it?

These are my questions for Harold Camping and his followers.

If these types of predictions alarm and terrify you, please ignore them. Many have attempted to predict the unpredictable and to date, none have been successful – thankfully.

But if they make you question and reflect on what you are currently doing or wish to be doing, then play along. I think we sometimes need to get off the mouse wheel and ask the ‘what if’ questions of ourselves.

If you only had three days left:

What would you like to do?

Who would you like to be doing it with?

What would you have to eat? To drink?

Would you be listening to music? Who’s?

Is there someone you owe an apology?

Are you working in a field that brings you joy?

Would you pen a poem? Memoir? Sexy novel?

Is there a place you have longed to see?

Something you have desired to try – like sky diving?

Or is it more simple – squishing your toes in a vat of grapes? Skinny dipping? Sleeping under the stars on the ground? Riding a roller coaster? Mud wrestling?

Did you mean to read ‘War and Peace’? The ‘Bible’? Shakespeare?

Have you loved well and thoroughly?

Do you follow an internal moral compass?

These are the real questions we need to ask ourselves. And after answering them – honestly – tack the answers onto the wall and set about accomplishing each one. Then whether or not the world ends, you will have lived well and go into the next life without regret.

Send yourself roses on May 21. Better still, send them to someone you love.

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