Dancing With the Stars Finale

Did you see the over sixty Kirstie Alley during Monday’s free dance? If you did then you saw the cart wheels and the leaps and the tossing around of her by her partner in the show, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. I have said before that although I have never voted in a show of any kind before – including DWTS – Kirstie has inspired me to do so from the very beginning.

On Monday’s show, it felt like redemption for every ‘real’ woman in the country. The average woman in America is middle aged and a size fourteen or larger. So to have Kirstie succeeding in the face of calamity with the fall and the shoe incident, has been retribution. But when she ripped off the over dress and danced in a unitard – performing a cart wheel – we stood up and clapped.

After the first dance I phoned in a few votes with my husband insisting that we save a few for Hines and Kym. But he changed his mind after seeing her second dance and all of our votes went to Kirstie and Maks.

But Hines Ward had won our respect as well, especially my husband’s who had been a fan of his football career. And he won the hearts of most women I know as he smiled his killer smile, took criticism on the chin, openly showed love for his mother, and cried over his dance partner’s injuries. Tough, agile, determined and tender simultaneously. And he stuck to the concepts of true dancing – yes we loved the gymnastics of Kirstie and Maks, and the crazy dragging around the floor of Chelsea and Mark, but is that really dancing?

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas seemed like the front runners. They had received extra points from the judges in the dance off and were the most diverse. Of course Chelsea – young, fit, and athletic – was able to do many risky dances and look great doing them. And her fan base was the younger generation who know how to vote using all of the alternative methods of texting and online voting, while the older fans were fighting busy signals on the phone lines.
Who would win the treasured mirror ball trophy?

Last night, after a great show of performers – the Go Go’s are back together – and prior dance contenders returning to show off their practiced dance moves, we were left with the three contestants and their professional teachers and partners. They had been dancing and working out for hours every day during the past ten weeks. All three couples look like they just belong together. They all appear to be close friends.

When the three couples lined up for the final call, we all just knew Hines or Kirstie would be the third place winner. When they called out Chelsea and Mark, we were shocked. But that meant our two favorites were going to take first and second and we were okay with whichever won. With a crowd of Steelers fans waving gold cloths in honor of Hines’ Pittsburgh colors – black and gold – back in Pennsylvania and a row of giant fellow football players sitting with his mother in the audience, Hines visualized winning the trophy, just as he visualized running for touch downs. It was a strategy that worked.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson won the first place spot with Kirstie and Maks taking second. I think we are all happy with this outcome and have learned to visualize receiving what we want from life even if it just to be able to do cart wheels at sixty!

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