Oprah’s Farewell

It isn’t possible to let the end of the Oprah show get past me without a few thoughts about it. She has been such a force in so many lives that to dismiss her importance would be unfathomable.

She says that the show was her classroom and it feels very much like graduation to me. Remembering back to the day when I last graduated – there seemed to be a shaky footing beneath us all – as if we were little birds being kicked out of the nest.

And Oprah is kicking us out of her nest. We’ve been learning from her for a quarter of a century and now we all need to take our lessons and incorporate them into our lives.

But just to be sure that we weren’t absent on the day she covered important information, she gave us a recap and I’m shortening it even further just in case you missed it.

Her main theme from the first show to the last was, ‘You are not alone.’ We are all connected in a spiritual and divine energy and we are all humans who suffer our own trials. But everyone suffers from something.

‘What is your calling? Figure it out and get about the business of doing it. When you are exactly where you should be, doing exactly what you should be doing, life rewards you by reaffirming your passion.’ I know this isn’t what many of us were taught in school – we were taught to follow the money – but passion can be found, rekindled, and trailed like bread crumbs. I’ve found mine and hope that you have yours as well.

‘Everybody has a circle of influence’ – maybe not as large as hers, but – ‘use the circle you have been given’.

‘Life is speaking to you and for you. How you live sets an example for others. You never know how something you do or have done affects others.’ A lady once told my sister that I had been celebrated among the other women at a business that we had both worked for. Why? Because I stood up for myself and asked for comparable pay for a position that was most recently held by men. I didn’t know that anybody even knew about it!

‘You have always had the power. It is inside of you not an external destination.
Embrace the life that is calling you and use it to serve the world.’

‘Nobody but you is responsible for your life. You are responsible for the energy you bring to yourself and to others as well as to every space you enter.’ We have all had the experience of sensing negative energy among people. Perhaps we can’t say what we didn’t like about them, we just had a feeling – we picked up their energy and didn’t like it.

‘Recognize Newton’s law – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Said another way – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What you put out in the world returns to you.’ I refer to this as Karma and see it happening all of the time. I say ‘Karma is a Bi*#@!’. Better treat her well.

‘Unworthiness is the common thread that runs through us all. We all have something that causes us to feel ‘less than’. Sometimes we block our own blessings because we can’t perceive that we are worthy of receiving them. Know that you alone are enough.’

‘We all want validation – do you hear me, do you see me, does what I say matter to you? Learn to validate the people in your circle and watch things change.’

‘Child abuse and sexual abuse is a dance of seduction, no child deserves or asks for abuse. Sexual predators lure their victims like a carefully crafted dance. The child will not know that he or she is being groomed for this.’

‘Be still and hear the voice that is the guidance from God.’

‘Your life speaks to you in whispers first, then thumps, bricks and brick walls. Learn to get it in the whisper.’ If something starts showing up in multiple places, I look into it. It is usually something that proves to be important in my life.

Oprah then gave out her new contact address. It is: Oprah@oprah.com. Amazing that she still feels an umbilical cord attachment to those of us who have attended her classes and listened to her guests and her words.

This is where things got emotional. She teared up and said that she had not felt much love as a child growing up in rural back woods Mississippi – a child somewhat abandoned by her biological parents and raised by her grandmother until a teenager. Then she went to live with her father in Tennessee. Although she understands that they were doing the best they could at the time, she didn’t feel loved. But her audience loved her well and she received it with the spirit that we all showered her with.
‘Her audience and her show, she says, has been her great love.’

I can see by the clock that we are in the final moments of her final show. Tears are streaming, even down my face. She has been so honest and forthcoming with her fans and it feels like she is talking to me via skype. I want to give her a hug.

‘Until we meet again!
To God be the Glory’

It is over – an era is over.

To every tabloid or article that ridiculed her hair or her weight over the years, I want to say that you didn’t get it. Her lessons and messages were so much larger than her physical appearance.

Although she will be missed, especially at that 4:00 pm time slot, her message can be carried out by turning off the television and getting on with your one beautiful passionate calling. I think she would like that.

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