Who Was Supposed To Check The Gas?

Propane gas is our main source of really warm heat in the winter. Although we have a heat pump, we keep it set on about sixty degrees and then use the gas logs in the fireplaces to bring the temperature up into the seventies. So you bet your boots we are vigilant about the gas level in the tank. (When I say ‘we’ here, what I mean is my husband actually checks it and I remind him to.)

But it is in the nineties here right now. So who is thinking about propane? This wouldn’t be an issue whatsoever if it weren’t for our hot water heater – also propane. Uh-oh!

Last night I heard the water running, and running, and running. And I could also hear my husband walking around so he clearly wasn’t in the shower. Finally it stopped and he walked into the room and said, “We’ve got a problem. There’s no hot water.”

Simultaneously we said, “Who checked the propane?”

Now, we both knew I didn’t, but I hadn’t reminded him to either. Another ‘Uh-Oh’!

Before you start giving me the whole feminist spill that I usually give you, you know the one where I say we do what most men do, and we do it faster while wearing high heels, etc, etc, let me share a few thoughts.

My husband has never cleaned a glass surface, not a mirror or a window or the front of a picture frame. He has never stripped the sheets from the bed and laundered them as just one of the normal cleaning chores. He has never cleaned out the refrigerator, or done any filing, or organized receipts. He has never cleaned a closet, typed a letter, or washed the fronts of cabinets. He will do other chores around the house and will often help with laundry, dishes, or vacuuming without me even having to ask. It’s just that some things aren’t on his radar to do, and he doesn’t even consider it.

So, I respectfully reserve the right not to have to change a tire, add any fluids to any part of any vehicle we own, use a weedeater, or check the gas level in the propane tank which is hidden behind trees near the woods.

Unfortunately, that means we both get to suffer the consequences of our lack of diligence. Whoa, baby, I’m going to have a very quick, and very cold shower this morning. Yikes!

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