Short Lived Flowers

Some of my flowers are long lived. They will show off through autumn and each bloom will last for several days. My hydrangeas are gorgeous right now as are the baby roses along the arbor. The periwinkle surrendered to the lavender – all fragrant and showy and resembling rock candy lollipops on long, thin stalks. But the day lillies will only last a single day. The good news is, they have so many buds that I will have a new one to replace each spent flower in a day or so.
The blooms I watch carefully though, are the ones on the giant magnolia trees. Such blooms as these are wondrous. They start out as a white torch and then slowly open up until they are the size of a dinner plate and releasing heavenly fragrance. But mine wilt quickly after they fully open, so I have to be vigilant about watching for them. I even enjoy the leathery leaves of the stately magnolia. They stay nice all year long, even for Christmas decorations.

The hibiscus patio trees haven’t bloomed yet but are covered in buds. I’m expecting much from them. It’s been scorching hot here and we’ve had only one rain shower in the past several days. With temperatures in the nineties, many of the blooms are turning brown or falling off. My peonies didn’t last long at all and the pansies are looking withered and tired. But the foxglove is still a regal spire and gladiolas are waiting to make a promise to the hummingbirds. Every day holds a new surprise and I can hardly wait for the exotic intoxicating aroma of the night blooming jasmine. I have a trellis that it grows up and through and sometimes winds around the front porch rails making evening swinging on the porch even more attractive.

Better have my mosquito repellent though!

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