Belmont Stakes’ Results

Did you watch the running of the 143rd Belmont Stakes yesterday? Or was the final leg of the Triple Crown spoiled for you by the lack of a possible victor? I will admit that there is an energy about the Belmont that builds only when we are facing a new super horse – one that can win the grueling Kentucky Derby, take the Preakness and strut to the gate in New York as though the world is his oyster. It rarely happens, which is why – I suppose – that we are mesmerized by the thrill of its possibility.

But, if you like horses and you like the quick pulse thundering seconds of an all out run for the finish line, you won’t miss the Belmont even when there is no chance for a Triple Crown winner.

That being said, the track looked like soup after a deluge of rain. And the horses appeared to slugging through the mud even on take off. Animal Kingdom slipped and nearly fell, his jockey barely hanging on. It was the death knell for his race results as he wore out trying to catch up to a field that outran him from the beginning.

Shackleford didn’t have the steam to take the day either. It was Ruler on Ice who would claim the victory, followed by Stay Thirsty, Brilliant Speed, Nehro, Shackleford, Animal Kingdom, Mucho Macho Man, Santiva, Monzon, Master of Hounds, Prime Cut, with Isn’t He Perfect pulling up the rear.

Well, here’s hoping for a super horse next year.

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