Giant June Moon

I’ve been awakened the past couple of mornings around three a.m. – not by alarms, telephone calls, or dogs barking – but by an enormous spotlight shining through the half-round window in my bedroom. I have blinds and curtains over the long window below the half-round but there isn’t anything that I am aware of that could be placed over the decorative topper with its wheel-spoke grids that wouldn’t ruin the effect.

So with bare glass to the sky, there is nothing to shield me from the glow of the moon and stars. Normally, this is a good thing. But the moon of the past two nights/early mornings has been frightfully large and bright. So much so that my brain interpreted it as time to wake up. There is a point at about three a.m. where the moon is positioned directly through the half-round making the room glow in its shining brightness. And its unusually golden. Most of the time it has a white-light effect at this season of year. I’m sure there is a scientific explanation – such as reflecting Venus or atmospheric dust -but whatever the cause, it is disturbing my sleep.

It isn’t just me apparently. Several people have noticed it. A nurse I talked to who works early morning shifts, walked to her car without her normal requirement of outside lighting. A farmer talked about the way his buildings with their tin roofs glowed beneath the moon’s illumination – ‘just beautiful,’ he said.

It is beautiful even when it wakes me from a sound sleep. I can imagine how it must look over the ocean or mountain ridges. We forget about these little gifts from heaven, the ones we don’t really appreciate anymore. It’s difficult to see the beauty in the face of the light that disturbs much needed sleep.

But maybe we need to see the moon in all of her glory. Maybe that is why she is waking me up – like a little girl in a fancy dress, she is swirling and saying ‘look at me’; see my beauty, experience what the earth looks like when everyone else is behind shutters blocking out my fancy covering, see the way the stones glow in the creek, get up and feel the magic of the moon!

I regret not going outside and just sitting with her. Maybe I missed some spectacular vision of the world. I was too busy trying to cover my head with another pillow. It reminded me of something Marianne Williamson – philosopher, spiritual leader and author – said to a woman who called in to her radio show about not being able to sleep and waking at odd hours. She told her to get up and meditate or write, do whatever she felt like. She said she often had her best insights when she couldn’t sleep and gave in to being awake instead of trying to force sleep. (I’m sure that was a terrible hatchet job of a beautiful quote – sorry Marianne.)

I’m beginning to see the moon in a different glowing light. If it wakes me tonight, I’m going to get up and dance beneath its glory. You win moon, I’m paying attention!

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