There is nothing as satisfying as going out into your own yard and cutting a bouquet of fresh flowers to bring indoors. It brightens the room and draws the eye to the beauties in the vase.

Hydrangeas, gladiolas, peonies, dahlias, lavender, roses, mums, carnations, are just a few of the flowers that make good arrangements indoors. Whether a single bloom, or an obnoxiously full pot, they just add a cheerfulness that you can’t get from silk ones. Oprah has said that she would rather have one single real flower than a room full of artificial ones. And I think the greenery makes a lot of difference. I like a lot of leaves with my flowers. They just frame the blooms like a picture frame enhances a painting.

Sunflowers make lovely pots of indoor arrangements as well, especially when presented in a blue vase. It’s an Italian thing, I think. But the ones that I grow never seem to last very long when I cut them from my garden. I usually find they work best when purchased from the florist.

But you can get creative with this. A lady I met in France and who I am fortunate to have as a friend, made lovely table arrangements out of grape leaves and wildflowers that she picked when we took walks through the vineyards.

So go out into your yard and bring back some blooms for your table top. They will add ambiance to your home and a smile to your face.

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