Self-Care Day

There are days when I just want to pay attention to all of the things that I don’t normally have time for during the long work week. Manicures, pedicures, deep conditioning treatments for my hair, long soaks in a tub of bubbles or salts, facial masks, scrubs, lathering on creams and lotions, cuticle treatments.

I call these ‘self care days’.

And I am a sucker for products geared toward these endeavors. Whenever I find something new that promises smoother skin, silkier hair, stronger nails, or softer hands, I buy into the hype.

Perhaps it isn’t the promise that I am purchasing as much as the relaxation of taking time for myself.

I set the ambiance as well.

Scented candles and spa music start setting the mood. In the fall and winter I might choose a cinnamon and apple or autumn leaves scent while lighting a fire in the fireplace. And the wine could be a warm mulled spiced gluhwein or cider.

In the spring and summer I like coconut and lime scented candles and ceiling fans. Add a glass of light wine or champagne and it feels like being at an exclusive spa.

Of course, for me, it usually involves a book. Reading while my nails dry is the best relaxation and a sure way to keep me still long enough to prevent marring the fresh polish.

One caveat, the phone must be turned off! This is non-negotiable. A ringing phone will spoil the atmosphere quicker than a smoking candle. At least it does for me. And part of the self-care endeavor is the mental cleansing that is only possible when the outside interferences are held at a minimum.

But you should plan your self-care day the way that best restores you.

Perhaps you work by yourself all week and what replenishes you might be a crazy day at the mall followed by a festive night on the town!

Or, you might work inside a windowless cubicle and need the effect of natural sunlight on your skin. I’ve been here before and the only way I could recharge was lying in the sun until I was crisp.

Sometimes, if I’ve been particularly sedentary for most of the week, I feel like I need hiking or fierce gardening. Whatever I find that works up a good sweat and reminds my body that I’m not over the hill yet.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend your self-care day as long as it feeds your soul and restores your energy. And – also non-negotiable – keeps those toenails brightly polished!

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  1. Can’t reach my own toes to put on polish, but had them done for the trip I’m on. THIS MORNING THERE APPEARED A KNICK IN THE POLISH. Rats! Well, only five more days and I’ll be home where the cats don’t care.

  2. Terrific! I highly commend you for taking time for yourself. A little pampering is not optional, it is vital. (This coming from someone who feels guilty every time I buy one of those expensive products that is supposed to smooth away fine lines…but do you notice how they never mention deep ruts? No one seems to be advertising that they can cure those 40 acres of trench marks across my forehead or …Oops…sorry…this is not about my wrinkles. Okay, so I am inspired by your declaration for a Self-Care Day. Besides, I have been shopping since nine this morning for my daughter’s wedding dress. It’s time to throw some bubbles in my bath, pour myself a glass of wine, and grab my book. Thanks!

  3. Love it; we can’t take good care of others if we don’t first take care of ourselves. This lesson I learned much too late in life but I’m getting better & better at practicing it.

    Cheers! MJ

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