Choco Rainey – Our Newest Family Member

Many years ago – when my husband and I were just newlyweds – we had horses. It had been his hobby and great love for years and I love all animals so I just turned them into pets.

We knew that someday we would resume our love for the big beauties and the time has arrived.

We found the chocolate Rocky Mountain gaited horse in a little community called Helton, just outside of Lansing, NC. He seemed intelligent and listened intently to my husband’s gentle but firm voice as he had him backing and turning. But would he load easily on the trailer?

Given out first impressions of the horse and his willingness to please, we purchased him that day and have been in the process of preparing his place at home. Yesterday we drove over and let Choco walk around, eat a little grass, and get reacquainted with us. And then he walked right up into the back of the trailer as though a professional at loading or anxious to go home with us. And with a little trough of sweet feed to accompany him on the ride home, we set off down the mountain.

Then we stopped at a road side fruit and vegetable stand to pick him up a few fresh apples. At home, with a slice of apple in my hand, he was quickly eating from my palm and kissing me on the nose.

I think we’re already good friends, and he laid his head on Tony’s shoulder when I started to take his picture. So I guess he knows he has landed at a good home.
My son is amazed at him. He wasn’t born when we had the horses and afterward, our lives were all about him. But he’s 22 now, so we’re all rediscovering aspects of ourselves.

For me, it was writing and for my husband it is riding horses, but I think we’re all going to enjoy this new page and new family member.

Welcome home Choco Rainey!

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