Lately I have been reminded of a conversation that I had with a lady about swimming pools. I was bemoaning the fact that I had sacrificed the money I had been saving for a swimming pool in order to purchase the property in Virginia. This is roughly what she said to me.

“Swimming pools need things. It isn’t enough to invest in the pool, the pool will require constant care, a cover, extra lounge chairs, extra towels, and plenty of poolside umbrellas. As soon as you think it is all taken care of, a storm will blow the umbrellas into the pool and rip the liner. You’ll replace the liner just in time for your children to have parties that you will get to cater. Afterwards you can spend the evening laundering your towels. Then the pool will want toys – slides, floating chairs, LED lights. You’ll want the pool to have self-cleaning robots that you just toss in. Be glad you got land instead of a pool.”

I recall laughing hilariously as she recounted her many pool adventures.

But the same can be said for property.

As soon as we got the land it needed some de-construction and overall cleanup to the fields. To farm them after that, the soil needed amending. Then we needed a place to stay so we had the cabin built. The cabin needed furniture and appliances. It needed a nice deck in order to appreciate the views. And it has never stopped needing work on the driveway.

This weekend, the hay needs mowing and the drive has undergone a complete overhaul with underground pipes and ditches. Fresh gravel has been applied and more is on the way tomorrow.

And do you know what I said immediately upon seeing the freshly restored driveway?

I said, “It needs paving!”

Yep, it popped right out of my mouth!

So my friends, I have reached the conclusion that everything needs something.

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