Excuses, Excuses

Strangely enough, the more I have to do, the more I accomplish. Given a few days off, I’ll find ways to float the time away. I’ll stay busy of course, but it might be with strange little nit-picky things. The really important ones will be put on hold because I have so much time ahead of me. But on a work day, I’m up and at the computer before the sun has even thought about peeling back a corner of its cover. I’ll have coffee ready and a blog posted and 1000 words on a novel. After work I aim for another thousand.

So faced with a day or two off, I should really get a lot accomplished – right? You’d think so. Yet, I fall victim to excuses and random chores.

Take yesterday for example. I didn’t work, but did pack up a few things for the trip over to Virginia – things like the freshly washed sheets and towels, a couple of bottles of wine, my lap top and a manuscript to start editing, extra socks and some magazines. Then I washed, strung and broke a bag of string beans a neighbor gave us and put them on to cook. I did laundry, took care of the horse, the cat and the dog – with extra care given to brushing the dog and trying to remove all of the under-fuzz that German Shepherds shed in the summer. I had my son take me to pick up my car, shopped for groceries, and paid the bills. Then I worked on filing, prepared dinner, and cleaned out the refrigerator.

How much writing did I do? Just one blog. Nothing else.

Editing? Nothing.

Was each chore necessary or was it just an excuse?

There is a part of me that thinks I can run on full steam every single day and not wear down. The other part realizes that I need a down day or two in order to let my brain and body rest. The nit-picky things are usually not head related but hand related. They help me clear my thoughts and make room for new ones.

And given a ‘self-care’ day or two in the mix occasionally, and I’ll be ready for another week of pushing myself to the max. At least that’s what I tell myself.

So excuses are welcome but only if they don’t hinder me for more than a day or two.

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  1. Go easy on yourself. It seems like you are going a mile a minute with the farm. I’m sure there is always something to do, which must seem overwhelming (but wonderful) at times. A self-nurturing day is a good way to replenish and get back out there! Love your tales of farm life!

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