It all ends – the sign outside of the theater said. Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, the magical world of Hogwarts, and evil Voldemort, face their final battle.

Those of us who read every book – the day they were released – knew what would happen. It didn’t matter. We wanted to see it visually and we were not disappointed.

Going to the theater on opening weekend, regardless of the time, we expected there to be lots of children and teenagers and there were. The seats were filled. But when the movie started, there was complete silence – no talking, cell phone interruptions, sliding around in seats, not even very many who left their seats for a bathroom break. Wow!

That says a lot for the movie.

But there were also many adults there as well, people like us who read the books with their children and then they out grew going to the movies with their parents. But we were hooked.

This movie was presented in 3-D. But I didn’t find the effect all that appealing. Mostly, things appear to waft out of the screen – smoke, bits of things that get blown up, a death eater or two wafts off screen. It wasn’t necessary to the movie and my husband, who suffers from vertigo, watched the whole movie without wearing the glasses at all.

And although I knew what would happen, I found myself crying at the moments that yank the heart strings. When the final scene was shown and the credits began to roll, the theater erupted in applause. That’s rare and a sign of appreciation from fans that the movie did well by J. K. Rowling’s book.

Bravo David Yates! Of course the record breaking globally grossing opening day is probably thanks enough for its director.

And the actors – especially the kids at Hogwarts who we have watched grow up and became attached to – were fantastic. There was some talk a few years ago that Daniel Radcliffe would not be able to maintain the role of Harry Potter as he was aging faster than they were making the films. But who could imagine anyone else in that role? He maintained his ability to be youthful – thankfully!

The first thing that occurred to me when we walked outside was that it was over – the excitement of one more book and one more movie was now behind me and J. K. Rowling was brilliant every time with every character and twist of plot. She never stopped surprising and delighting her readers. I wondered what she must be feeling as theaters around the world filled with those who entered her imaginary world and enjoyed the visit.

If you are looking for a movie to see, look no further than ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – part 2’. It is entertaining and the effects are stunning – especially the battle scenes. Get your popcorn before the movie starts as you won’t want to miss one moment of the movie!

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