Simple Luxuries

Oprah has often commented on her love for fresh flowers. Even before her budget accommodated vases full of flowers for every room, she treated herself to one or two blooms each week. It was her simple luxury.

I also read that Jackie Kennedy had the sheets changed twice a day in her room while she was First Lady – once in the morning and then following her afternoon nap. Every time I slip beneath freshly laundered, pressed, and pristine sheets, I ponder the luxury of having it every day.

I know a lady who often struggles with her finances, but insists on maintaining her weekly manicures. It’s a mood lifting, confidence inducing, inexpensive luxury that makes her feel good.

While we have heard about the Starbucks dilemma for robbing millionaires – those people for whom their daily coffees, compounded for interest over thirty years would eventually net a million bucks – can we truly wait thirty years to enjoy life?

And maybe in thirty years, a million dollars won’t buy a lot of anything. J. K. Rowling did a lot of good writing in coffee shops and cafes. Perhaps it was the coffee shop environment that spurred her imagination. Either way, I don’t think she regrets a single cappuccino.

There are a few things for which I don’t want to wait to enjoy at the end of my life. I want to travel while I am still relatively fit or at least not disabled, I want to read good books, drink decent wine, and have my hair professionally highlighted.

Simple, life enhancing moments that bring us joy shouldn’t be relegated to the future.

Now if only I can figure out a way to have freshly laundered sheets every day – without me having to do the work!

What are your simple luxuries?

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  1. My simple luxuries? To get a 30 minute massage twice a week. Take a couple of weeks to go some place twice a year. Have someone to clean my house twice a week and cook for me. Am I being greedy or extravagant? Those are just some things I’d truly love.

  2. I love this post. I didn’t know that Jackie needed clean sheets twice a day. I got to ask, what did she do in those sheets? Or wait, maybe she wasn’t sure what John was doing in them. Either way it seems excessive. For me? I’d love to have someone clean my little place once a week. Swish my toilet and wash the tub…now that would be heaven!

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