Universally Accepted Fact

It’s a universally accepted fact that days often harbor problems from sunrise to sunset and if this day is an example, woe unto me!

My original blog posting had link issues.

My car is hiccupping and there is no one available to replace me at work.

Currently, I am waiting on husband to follow me to dealership.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I remember reading once when trying to determine if someone was lying to note how many details and excuses they used. That has always worried me because my life goes as you shared. When am late, it is not for one reason, it is for a host of issues. I usually plan time to deal with one crisis/interruption/delay, etc. but not for five. Sending good thoughts your way!!!

  2. Aha! So now I understand your comment on my facebook page. Thanks to living in a small town, a mechanic is en route with three batteries, two of which should solve one problem and the other will serve as a test.

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