Energy Saving Curtains

We moved into our house in the middle of winter several years ago, and the light from all of the windows was so terrific that I decided to leave them bare. They were insulated and we lived off the road, so it was nice.

But over the years I’ve noticed some fading in the sofas and a constant thirst on portions of the leather furniture. And with this summer doling out temperatures similar to the surface of the sun, it seemed ideal to explore coverings for the windows.

I tried blinds, yet they just blocked light not heat.

But thermal curtains claimed to block both and could be pulled back into nice looking columns. And the label promised a minimum of twenty-five percent savings in heating and cooling. It seemed well worth the expense.

We sacrificed this past weekend to installing them around the house and feel rather satisfied with the result.

Now, if we save a little money, ease the energy usage, and feel more comfy, we’ll think this was a weekend well spent!

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