Mercury is Retrograde

The planet Mercury has been described as both wise communicator and playful trickster, stirring up snafus in communications, mail, travel and the internet.

It went retrograde yesterday morning and someone should have warned me.

A post I was working on with the intent to save the draft, got sent accidentally. And without title, spell check, links, or pictures. Yikes! If you – gentle reader – received the strange blog and wondered if I had a late night with a bottle of bordeaux, let me assure you it was not my attention to post it yet and I retrieved it at once. I know at least one person received it and thankfully warned me.

Appointments were confused with another project and I set off the security alarm at home. My lap top flashed a message that the internet security system needed to run a scan and did so for hours.

My husband told me that he was headed out to help me unload some freezer items and should be home in ten minutes – fifteen at the max. So I stayed in the heat with the box of food at the basement door until I was certain it might thaw. At that point I began to carry the items to the freezer and pretty much had the whole thing done by the time he showed up thirty minutes late. And a sudden event at work that I must be present for has caused me to rethink my entire vacation schedule.

Is there an antidote for mercury retrograde poisoning?

The astrology sites caution against signing contracts, conducting business meetings, and displays of bad tempers during a retrograde of Mercury. But it is scheduled to last three weeks. Can I really avoid communication for that long?

Perhaps good ole Mercury is finished with me, throwing all of his obstacles into my path at once.

At least I have the opportunity to warn you that things may happen to you until August 26 that may have you thinking expletives.

If you experience mix-ups, internet woes, or miscommunication, please drop me a line or add a comment. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else is on Mercury’s hit list!

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  1. When Mercury’s in retrograde, does it affect everyone, or just those with a particular sign? I follow nothing of this, but have heard my daughter speak of it and I certainly don’t want any of it to befall her!

    1. My understanding, although I’m no expert, is that it effects everyone but some signs more than others. But that is where it gets tricky. Which signs are most vulnerable depend on where the planetary alignment falls, so apparently Virgos – ie me – are more susceptible to the current phase. That’s just a theory though. Who knows?

  2. I definitely succumbed to it last night … thank you for the heads up. As soon as I read your headline I understood my short temper yesterday … 3 weeks? Egad, I’m going to have to watch myself.

    Great post! MJ

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