The family of horses is growing on our little mountain. We still have only one – the Chocolate Rocky Mountain named Choco Rainey – but he is in the pasture next to our property.

When we first added him to the pasture, it was due to his being a lone horse and the neighbor’s also being alone in the field. Together they made a nice pair of geldings who seemed over the moon to have another creature of the same species to spend time with.

Happy with the difference in his horse, our neighbor added a blue eyed paint. He’s a gentle gelding with Paul Newman eyes.

But there is something about him that seems other-worldly. It’s as if he is a ghost in the body of a horse. This is the first blue eyed horse I have ever spent time around. I’m more used to the big brown expressive eyes that reflect the image of my face as I peer into them. This horse is friendly but he doesn’t let me in past the surface of his icy cold eyes. I can’t tell what he’s thinking.

Or maybe it’s as though he is gifted to peer into my heart – a messenger and seer.

Aren’t all horses like this though? I wonder sometimes how man ever managed to convince a horse that he was in charge. Why aren’t they still wild creatures like antelope and bears?

How do they carry a couple of thousand pounds on such tiny graceful legs?

How do they know how to eat from our hands without ever feeling the scrape of a tooth against our palms?

How does Choco know that I like to be kissed on my face?

Ole Blue Eyes knows. He’s calm and serene because he has the answers. Perhaps he’s sizing me up, determining what I’m made of; if I can be trusted.

Right now I’m sharing carrots, apple chunks, and oatmeal snacks with him. Perhaps he’ll tell the others that the blue eyed lady is alright!

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