Lunching With a Friend and Fellow Writer

I sometimes forget that I am not alone in my pursuits – especially where writing and publishing are involved. Until the past few months, I didn’t even personally know another writer.

But I might have, if I hadn’t stayed in the closet myself about those pursuits. I wonder how many other writers I crossed paths with who were also hiding their secret obsession with ink, paper, and key boards.

And suddenly, once I exposed my own silent hobby, I began to meet other writers. Many of them live far away, and although we communicate via the internet, it isn’t the same as face time.

In May, at a writer’s retreat sponsored by The Wild Rose Press, I met Valerie and she actually lives in my state – although I’m closer to the mountains and she is located nearer the central part of the state.

But it is near enough that we can meet half-way and share our love of beautiful china and well-written prose. And so we did – meeting at a book shop no less. Then we continued to a nearby restaurant for lunch and conversation.

Valerie is one of those people who can talk to anybody about anything. And she makes others comfortable from the start! I felt instantly friendly towards her from the minute we met. And she knows what it is like to have a character take over a story line and the feeling of having a story arrive on the doorstep, knocking incessantly to be let in and listened to. Hearing it from someone else makes me feel a little less schizophrenic.

She has also taken a giant leap of faith into full time writing, editing, and working with an online publisher. I’m so happy for her!

Amazingly we both believe in the philosophy that everything happens for a reason and in its own time. So although I am waiting for retirement to pursue my dreams on a full time basis, I am chauffeuring them around as a part time gig. And if it’s meant for me to make the jump any time soon, it will happen.

But as anyone who has ever read ‘The Secret’ knows, it must have attention paid to it. So I am entering contests, working on my novels and blogging daily.
And I’m planning on meeting Valerie for lunch again real soon! Maybe we’ll shop for china while we chat!

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  1. It is amazing to see what happens when you take the step to tell others that you write. New friends arrive who share the same desire. Glad you had a chance to meet Valerie in person!

  2. Hmm. Two peas in a pod. YOU can make anybody feel comfortable from the start, and no doubt can talk to anybody about anything! Congrats on finding this personal connection.

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