Manuscripts to writers are like children. How can you choose a favorite?

This is the dilemma as I struggle to enter one in a contest.

The good news is that I have several to choose from. That is also the problem.

I have spent the weekend cutting the words and editing content. The story lines are all floating simultaneously in my head. Which is best – which is most appropriate?

All of my novels tend to portray women in strong roles, even if they don’t know their strength when the tale begins. So I like all of my heroines.

And the heroes are all different – Southern American, French, Italian. I like all of them as well.

Suspense, mystery, sex – all have plenty of the three essentials.

How to choose?

I will gladly take advice. At this point they are laid out across the dining room table like menus. Indecision is the enemy as the time constraints close in.

Have you ever had to choose a favorite manuscript? If so, how did you do it?

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