Road Trip Update

Welcome to Indiana

Welcome to Indiana

We are in beautiful Indiana farming country. Fields of corn and soybeans line both sides of the road. My husband has buck fever – the terminology for deer hunters who anticipate the hunting season and sense the perfect environment for tall antlered bucks!

We just passed a truck from North Wilkesboro, NC – our home! Lots of waving going on. Funny how friendly you become to strangers from your home town when you meet up in a another state.

We’re still driving through crop land. The vista is broken only by the occasional stretch of houses, a lonesome barn, or a small round pond.

Suddenly we are upon a city – it sprang up like a mirage in the green corn fields – nice modern hospital, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. It’s Indianapolis! I’ve never been this far north in Indiana so I am seeing new sights as I snack on peanuts and pretzels. What is it about road trips that makes you want to eat? Not a full meal, but snacks and tiny bites?

The road ahead is closed so the GPS is recalculating. How did we travel before these little gadgets told us what to do and where to go?

Peoria, Illinois is the next destination and if we don’t stop there for the night, we’ll definitely rest in Iowa.

I’ll check in tomorrow – maybe a couple of times – in order to share what is best about my own country.

Soybean and Corn Fields in Indiana

Soybean and Corn Fields in Indiana

Large Barn in Indiana

Large Barn in Indiana

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  1. Indianapolis used to be a traffic horror story for those passing through on …. US40? (50 years ago). But I believe by-passes must have been built since then!

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